The Cabin in the woods

a77502d5h1hThis was a mixed bag of goodies, its a story that unfolds to what horror fans are used to. A jock and his hot girlfriend along with the nerdy type guy, the stoner, and a virgin, jump in an RV and travel to a secluded cabin in the woods. It sounds like something we’ve all seen before but thanks to director Drew Goddard and co-writer and producer Joss Wheden, this is a story that has a bit more depth and unfolds with twists and surprises with plenty of references to their previous works, and a selection of genre films released in the past.

To review is actually hard because as a horror film it is near perfect, to hard to find fault, this is one film I wouldn’t ever want to spoil either.  Fans should rejoice though, its a film that remains fun but that is able to put out the scares, with plenty of references to movies we love.


Mama (2013)

mama-movie-poster-2013-jessica-chastainJeffrey on the brink of insanity murders his wife, now with his children three-year-old Victoria and one-year-old Lilly make a run for it, driving along on a slippery road in the icy winter of Canada the kids become frightened, at the request to slow down by Victoria, Jeffery snaps and the car veers out of control and slides down a embankment of snow into bushland. Everyone still conscious  exit the car and start to walk through the cold alas finding a deserted cabin.

Move along 5 years Jeffrey’s brother Lucas who had always held the kids in high regard, he was always the cool uncle and along the his rocker girlfriend Annabel find out the girls had been isolated at the cabin for the past five years and are now the guardians for the 2 kids.

5 years is a long time for 2 kids to be isolated, and they had become feral little monsters to which they were very effective at being freaky with the good use of dark hallways and shadows in the isolated cabin. But once returned to civilisation under the guidance from psychiatrist Dr. Dreyfuss are now  living with Lucas and Annabel,  and transitioning to normality, but as family life grows Annabel starts to notice a presence around the new house that is maybe linked to the 2 girls.

The main monster I thought was also creepy as hell, and also very affective with its sub human dark nature made for some nice jump scares. Watching this movie I put it down to feeling like a haunted house movie without a ghost but replaced with some kind of monster.

Boost Mobile Zombies

These are some Ads featuring zombies made for boost mobile Australia. These are pretty cool. Be for warned these are gory.

How to clear an office full of zombies (uncensored)

How to clear an office full of zombies (uncensored)

Getting petrol in a zombie apocalypse (uncensored)

If only all the mobile carriers did this.

The Iceman trailer

I remember watching Ray Liotta in the film Goodfellas, many times, and it has been always regarded as one of my favorite films. All round it is just a cool movie. The scene below where Henry Hill takes a the handle of a revolver to a guys face and says, “I swear on my fuckin’ mother you touch her again, ya dead”. Which among many is a cool scene featuring Ray Liotta.

Now watching The Iceman trailer I kinda get a vibe of Ray Liotta going back to his gangster roots.

The films stars Michael Shannon, who is a family man, but hides a dark secret, that he is also a hitman.

X: Night of Vengeance

X: Night of Vengeance is a sexy thriller from Aussie directer Jon Hewitt. Holly Rowe (Viva Bianca), A jaded call-girl sick of the high life wants out and Shay Ryan (Hanna Mangan Lawrence), a fledgling hooker only after money for food takes to the worlds oldest profession to be able to do this.

Holly with dreams for Paris needs a girl for a threesome with her last client, Shay feeling lost and alone, and her first night in Sydney starts working the street just to be able to buy food. Shay is young and nubile, and other more experienced crack whores are getting jealous and losing customers, they seek her out try to force her of their strip. Shay upset and angry is becoming more desperate, she is spotted by holly and offered the threesome with her and the high rolling drug dealing client, which turns sour when a crooked cop shows up and shoots the dealer to which Holly and Shay witness. It then becomes a race for survival from the cop who now wants them dead.

The first half showed Holly and Shay, kind of set in to two different scenarios, Holly being a high end call girl, showing her dealing with her rich and successful customers, and Shay working the corner around Sydney kings cross waiting for whoever would stop.

This was a beautifully shot film that had elements that had a really gritty noir feel to it, while other elements kind of had a European art house feel to them, this was a nicely set contrast.

From watching the first half it is hard to believe that this is a thriller, and in the last half the action rolls through with its gritty authenticity.

The only let down was the plot itself, it was simple to follow, but I felt watching that it took awhile to take off, I think some different aspects of character development could of been added.

Regardless of this it’s a cool film with the first half kinda like a gritty Agent Provocateur ad and the second half a nice suspense thriller.


A somewhat shy, mysterious Driver (Ryan Gosling) who does stunts for hollywood films and moonlights as a getaway driver after hours for anyone who will hire him, gets tangled up with his neighbour Irene (Carey Mulligan), and with the return of her husband from prison trouble follows.

As the movie opens we see the credits roll through in neon pink while showing an aerial view over L.A by night. We see driver parked waiting on some crooks to finish a job. He only allows 5 minutes for these people to finish what there doing and never gets involved, he’s only the driver. When we see what he does best its captured nicely from his point of view, and him manoeuvring in between traffic escaping authorities.

It was a movie that had an eighties feel to it, from the way the credits rolled to the way the driving was captured, even the clothes that were worn, even L.A had an eighties feel to it.

When Standard (Oscar Isaac), Irenes husband arrives home from prison, the trouble that follows is a debt that is owed to mob boss Cook (James Biberi). With driver liking Irene more and more and after learning that the mob boss threatened Irene and her son, Benicio (Kaden Leos) Driver decides to drive for Standard from his heist.

The plot to the film is simple, what make it so good is the way its captured, the driving in most scenes is shot very well, from a variety of angles, inside the car, face shots, and outside shots showing the cars in there prime doing there thing.

It isn’t all about driving though it has its fair share of action, which I think makes for borderline horror, and its pretty cool. With some of it really showing as WTF moments, with a hammer.

The film also stars Bryan Cranston as Shannon, who is the mechanic for the Hollywood stunt cars, Christina Hendricks as Blanche who was in the back seat during a car chase and was captured on screen superbly.

Its a movie that falls in to place, and rolls of the screen with its slick, cool factor.